Our popular latex & pocket sprung mattresses are made with 2000 individually nested pocket springs which are electronically heat tempered for additional strength and support.

Pocket springs move independently to respond to individual body weight, conforming to the exact unique shape of your body. Each time you move the pocket springs move with you so your spine and joints rest in their natural position, resulting in less pressure points and more support for your body and spine, creating a relaxed and undisturbed sleep.

                                    Latex and Pocket Sprung Mattresses benefits:                                           

                                  ✔️Made with 100% Natural Latex                                                                     
                                   ✔️Naturally Breathable - cooler in the summer and hotter in the winter  
                                   ✔️Ideal for allergy sufferers                                                                                
                                   ✔️Promotes a better nights sleep                                                                      
                                   ✔️Supports spine and joints, to help reduce aches and pains                      
                                   ✔️Reduces pressure points in the body                                                            
                                   ✔️Natural, biodegradable ingredients                                                         .     
                                  ✔️Made with water-based, raw materials                                                        

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