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For many years we have been providing a knowledgeable and memorable experience on all aspects of health and wellbeing and how certain aspects of your daily routines may be impacting your health and sense of wellbeing - we are pleased to have enhanced the lives of many customers!  

We believe that all our products require careful assessment of customer needs and requirements before undertaking any purchase. Our Rise & recline chairs are tailored to individual customer specifications to ensure  maximum benefits are achieved.

We offer a range of bespoke beds and mattresses to suit individual needs and requirements. Whether you are looking for the added health benefits of an adjustable bed, choosing a new divan or wanting to upgrade your mattress we have expertise in all these areas, and you can try them out on the day.

From our mobility range we carry a selection of products for you to try, such as our 'Just Launched' 5.8kg lightweight carbon fibre Rollators that offer stability and safety for both indoors and outdoor use, and can be easily folded to fit in a car or when travelling.  

You may be thinking about a powerchair or scooter to give you that extra independence, our buddies will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide recommendations to suit your needs. We will also give you the opportunity to have a test drive so you can see what works best for you.

Contact us today to book your free home consultation!

We are proud of the positive feedback received from our lovely development managers and our happy customers.

"We have been delighted with the products we received from you, Young at Heart is run by people who really know their products and can give advice and help as necessary" Jean & Ted Smith

"Thank you for the excellent product demonstration and service the team have given for the reclining, massage and heat chair which is superb as is the adjustable bed and mattress. It is a joy to sit and relax in the chair to read and watch television then to retire to a comfortable bed for a good nights sleep" Mr J Belcher

"We think the chairs are the most comfortable we have ever had and the bed is also most comfortable." Mr & Mrs A Dixon

"I am very happy with my bed, sleeping well and comfortable." Mrs M South

"I am absolutely delighted with my 4ft electric bed! It does everything I hoped for, I sleep really well in it and can also adjust it so I can read, use my ipad or watch television easily. The massage function  is also great. In general my experience dealing with your company was very good and I felt very well cared for." Mrs H Baxter

"Thanks to my new bed and mattress, I'm having the best nights sleep I have had in years." Mrs Gibbons

"My new rise and recline chair is so comfortable and has helped with the aches and pains I was previously getting sat in my old chair." Mrs A Bagley

"Thank you very much for my beautiful new mattress. I am certainly getting a better nights sleep, my pillow also helps too." Mrs Hudson

"I am sleeping so much better with with my new pillow - its improved my life." Mrs S Andrews

Development Managers.....

“This is the 2nd year that Michael has attended our lodge. The home owners enjoy the demonstration and his helpful health benefits and tips”.  

(K Grinnell)

“Really good demonstration of products and lots of helpful information regarding health and wellbeing was given”

(N Self).

“Very professional, helpful and polite. Explained in simple terms about the equipment/products and demonstrated well”

(K Hinks).

“Very polite and respectful, no pressure selling. Modern looking furniture would be happy for them to return”

(R Bradley).